Five things to do in the Ministry of energy

Пять вещей, которые надо сделать в Минэнерго

You need to bring to logical conclusion all the reforms that we started in the market. First – the oil and gas sector. You need to complete, to put an end to the separation of “Naftogaz”. It was one of the key issues on which I have had very heated arguments and debates with other agencies and companies. Today we see a situation where in fact the collusion of representatives of other departments in order to keep the powers of the company to maintain vertical integration. This is an extremely threatening situation for competition in the market, I have always said that this should be a key condition of reform of the gas sector.

The second one is the electricity market. We need to vote for the bill on electricity market, which we have developed, I was the head of the working group.

A bill on the controller, which is also in the triad of normative acts, needed for further reforms.

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The fourth issue is the energy strategy. It is necessary, finally, to develop and adopt. We were very close to the end, we have developed an energy concept, it has been, unfortunately, 4 months, 3 months in the Cabinet, due to some figures who have not filed it in the agenda. At the moment the document was developed, and political will is necessary to finish it. This will be a key signal to show that the Ministry sees the strategy and knows where to go.

Last tip – the Ministry should be the number one producer of energy policy. Neither economy Ministry, nor the Ministry of environment, namely we because it is our direct mission.

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