Fixed mysterious signal from space

Зафиксирован загадочный сигнал из космоса

Scientists took a mysterious radio signal from space

The specialists studied the unknown source of radio signals and are unable to determine its nature.

In the Australian University kertina scientists took the unusual pulse from space. It is reported

Experts have studied the signal and found that it cannot be observed at low frequencies. To detect the cause of this behavior of pulse scientists have not yet succeeded.

The framing signal is a short pulse, which emits enormous amounts of energy. Its equivalent can be released all the energy of the Sun for tens of thousands of years.

Scientists searched for similar bursts at frequencies of 80-300 megahertz, and 700-1800 MHz.
Radio ASKAP found a few similar radio bursts at the frequency of 1.4 gigahertz, in the same space area. At other frequencies to “see” the signal failed. To explain this phenomenon, the experts can not yet.

One hypothesis suggests that outbreaks are associated with alien civilizations. Other scientists believe that it could be spikes in the result of the death of stars and the increasing frequency of the signal due to cosmic processes.

Before the scientists took another unidentified signal from space. The received signal came from the depths of the milky way and partially bounced off the moon.

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