Flamie: In the match BIG, we probably will have to recoup from the account 0:1

Flamie: В матче с BIG нам, скорее всего, придется отыгрываться со счета 0:1

Vasilyev not sure of the readiness of the team to play on Dust2.

Player of Natus Vincere’s Yegor flamie Vasiliev has shared expectations from the start of his team in the final stage of FACEIT Major London 2018.

“BIG – very strong strategic team. They have gob b is a great captain who directs the players well. This is the most difficult opponent we could get, because BIG strong tactically, and in addition she has a very strong sniper smooya. The team gained the necessary firepower.

Likely, the opponent will take Dust2 against us – one of our worst maps NaVi. We may even lose the will to recoup from the account 0:1. But we are well prepared”,- quotes the words Vasilyeva hltv.org.

Recall that Natus Vincere and BIG will be the first who will play in the final stage of the tournament. The match will take place today, 20 September at 17:15 on the Kiev time. On our website will be available online live stream of the match.

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