Fled to the United States sister Castro refused to go to his funeral

Сбежавшая в США сестра Кастро отказалась ехать на его похороны

Fled to the United States sister of Fidel Castro refused to go to his funeral

Living in Miami, Florida, sister of Fidel Castro, Juanita is not going to the funeral of his brother in Cuba. Such a statement she made Spanish-speaking newspaper El Nuevo Herald leaving in Miami.

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As notes the edition, Juanita Castro expressed regret over the death of his brother, however, is not going to attend his funeral because, in her words, she “is still identified with the Cuban exile” and still “is against the dictatorship of former Cuban leader that was introduced on the island after the arrival of Castro to power in 1959”.

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“In connection with unhealthy rumors that I went to Cuba for the funeral, I want to clarify that I never returned to the island and do not plan to do,” — said Juanita Castro.

Juanita Castro left his homeland in 1964, after her brother came to power, and in the United States has repeatedly and publicly criticized the Cuban authorities.

Fidel Castro has died on 91 year of life. On the death of the Cuban leader announced on national television his brother.