Flood in Transcarpathia: evacuated 150 people

Паводок на Закарпатье: эвакуированы 150 человек

Rescuers strengthen the dam.

In Transcarpathia as a result of rising water levels in rivers evacuated 146 people from 40 homes. As reported in regional management of the DSNs, people are placed in the homes of relatives.

“There was a flooding of 1987 hectares of farmland, 804 households, 49 basement, overflow through road painting 7 sections with a length of 1470 m”, – noted in gschs.

In addition, destroyed 2 car and 1 pedestrian bridge of local importance. In particular, S. Kushnytsia destroyed pedestrian bridge over the river Borzhava.

Rescuers strengthen the dam.

Earlier it was reported that in the West of Ukraine in connection with the abundant rainfall is expected to rise in the water level in several rivers.