Flu 2019 in Ukraine: when to expect, how to protect yourself

Грипп 2019 в Украине: когда ожидать, как уберечься

The flu in Ukraine 2018/2019 like to be treated

The flu epidemic 2018-2019: what strains will be in next season flu vaccine. What to expect from the virus and how to effectively treated?

The start of the flu season “promised” back in October, this was in the early autumn, said the Ministry of health of Ukraine. But, as of early November, in the regions the situation is stable, cases of influenza are not fixed. The peak incidence is forecast for the period from December to February.

Acting Minister of the relevant Ministry Ulyana Suprun released information World Health Organization, which reported on what strains of flu to expect, and what vaccines can be used in the prevention of disease.

What to expect from the virus?

Грипп 2019 в Украине: когда ожидать, как уберечься

The flu in Ukraine 2019 / photo: 2019-god.com

In September the society announced a revitalization in 2019, three strains of the flu virus, are equally dangerous to people of all categories and ages.

Doctors say that a person ill with flu becomes resistant immune system – it is compromised to get sick again after a week, a month, a year is equivalent to those who have not been sick.

I assume that Ukraine will ride:

  • virus type A/Michigan/45/2015 (H1N1) pdm09;
  • virus A/Singapore/INFIMH-16-0019/2016 (H3N2);
  • virus type B Colorado/06/2017.

In the season 2018/2019 the virus again mutated and is known H1N1 H1N1 California will come to Michigan and H3N2 Singapore. According to forecasts, will get to Ukraine appeared last year in the USA virus In Colorado.

As in past seasons, the viruses will not come all together, and in sequence. Experts believe that in Ukraine will be circulated in Singapore. It has already been seen in the past year, but in small quantities. But H1N1 Michigan that raged last season, tsirkulirovanija in 2019 will not be so active.

Nevertheless, he will be exposed to born in the spring and fall children, the body has not yet encountered strains of influenza. Also, the virus of type mi are dangerous to pregnant women, patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, and obesity.

Strain Colorado, literally skolivski American continent in 2018, Ukraine is expected the least.

How to protect yourself from the virus: vaccination

Грипп 2019 в Украине: когда ожидать, как уберечься

Flu vaccine in 2019 / photo: 2019-god.com

According to doctors, practically the only method to protect yourself from the influenza virus – vaccination. The Advisory Committee on vaccines and related biological products in the United States (VRBPAC) recommended that the trivalent influenza vaccine 2018 – 2019, included: A / mi / A (H1N1), A / Singapore / A (H3N2), B / Colorado / (B / Victoria). In a four-part vaccine, added B / Phuket.

The last three years in Ukraine, a record low percentage of vaccination coverage – 0,5-1% of the population. At the time, how to develop a strong immune system with the necessary period of 1 – 2 months. So, say in the Ministry of health, to protect themselves, it is necessary to be vaccinated right now.

In October it became known that Ukraine has already registered three vaccines, two of which have been specialized expertise. You can buy them in most drugstores.

Flu vaccines in the Ukraine:

  • tetravalent Vaksigripp (Vaxigrip Tetra from the French manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur) Price – from 270 UAH.
  • trivalent flu Dzhisi (GC Flu from a South Korean company Green Cross Corporation), the Cost – from 250 UAH.

It is expected to about 300 thousand doses of vaccine Vaksigripp and 50 thousand Dzhisi flew. Children 6 months pediatricians suggest stabbing Dzhisi flew, over 3 years – Vaksigripp.

Another trivalent immunobiological drug influvak (Influvac, Dutch production Abbott Biologicals B. V.) is under consideration by the State expert center.

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