Folkmart with love of tradition

Folkmart - с любовью к традициям

Since 2005, the company “Slavic gift” operates on the market of traditional Souvenirs and gifts to Ukraine. In 2017, the company decided on a radical change customer service standards, and development strategy of own retail network of gift shops. As a result of these changes, the market a new brand – folkmart.

Folkmart is displaying a new concept of the company – “traditional – modern”. Nowadays Ukrainians and foreigners visiting our country, have long been accustomed to the comfort of malls and markets, as a result, souvenir stalls and shops of the old type no longer meet their expectations. Folkmart is a gift shop in a modern design with the highest quality of customer service, not without this “love of tradition”. The core target audience our network are Ukrainians travelling within the country and abroad.

The main task which puts before itself the brand folkmart is promotion of traditional crafts and creativity. According to the company’s cultural heritage, at the moment, occupies too small a part in modern society, depriving him of the identity. Taking into account the richness of our heritage, unjustly low interest among companies to use a whole array of traditional Ukrainian crafts such as: pottery (clay and ceramic dishes), Kiev and petrikivsky painting (caskets, candlesticks, plates with podlahovou painting), traditional embroidered towels and tablecloths, and many others. The only authentic item that is popular is Ukrainian embroidery. Each of the above products, thanks to its racy can be not only a souvenir for a foreigner, but also a wonderful gift for birthday, March 8, Valentine’s day or any other celebration.

Folkmart - с любовью к традициям



Trade policy networks are constructed and coincides with the values borne by the company. The vast majority of products sold through the network folkmart, produced in Ukraine. The company’s partners are more than 30 Ukrainian manufacturers, which enables us to offer our customers more than 4,000 items of high quality.

At the moment, the company has online store, 5 retail shops in Kiev and plans to develop its network in the capital. The company believes that Kyiv has a huge potential both for external and for internal tourism. Using the positive experience of Lviv, Kiev could easily turn into a “tourist Mecca” for Ukrainians and tourists from around the world.