Fomenko: I Hope the players will draw conclusions from recent events

Фоменко: Надеюсь, игроки сделают выводы из последних событий

Mykhailo Fomenko

Head coach of Ukraine Mykhailo Fomenko commented on the list called players to prepare for Euro 2016.

“Am I satisfied with the list of called players? The question is not very complex, I will answer it with pleasure, but we will reply on it after the third game in the European championship. Then tell, who is liked, who is not, who fell, and who played well.

And now everything looked, and everything that happened, we all know. That’s life and football is no exception. Recent events on the football field and beyond is history. I think the guys will draw conclusions. What awaits us in the group, they should perfectly understand that all emotions both negative and positive, needs to help, not destroy. Everyone should understand that the credibility earned over the years, bit by bit, and collapses instantly. It needs to be remembered and to move on.

Why caused by players from only four Ukrainian clubs? We don’t have to choose, and the players by their actions on the football field should make to draw attention to themselves and force them to call in the national team”, – said Fomenko.

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