Fomenko told how the lack of money in the FFU has made him the head coach

Фоменко рассказал, как безденежье в ФФУ сделало его главным тренером сборной

Potential coaches of the team had no money to pay wages.

Ex-coach of Ukraine Mykhailo Fomenko shared his story of how he was at his post in command of the country.

“I was the head of national team Committee at FFU. Then it was necessary to urgently look for the national team head coach. Tried to invite one, two, or three, but they all had a sky-high salary demands. Well, where we could take five million euros for the salary of the coach?

Plus we were very afraid of the language barrier. I have experience abroad, so I know how hard it is. If you do not know the language, there is nothing to meddle. In Iraq I learned 200 words in order to convey to the players at least some football ideas”,- quotes Fomenko

Ukrainian specialist coached the national team from 26 Dec 2012 to 23 June 2016 and guided them to Euro 2016.

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