Fonseca: I respect even the Dynamo fans. I married a Ukrainian

Фонсека: Меня уважают даже болельщики Динамо. Я женился на украинке

Coach miner has admitted that he is very motivated before the Champions League.

Head coach of Shakhtar Donetsk Paulo Fonseca in an interview with the Great football talked about the upcoming start in the Champions League and about his life in Ukraine.

“Before the start in the Champions League I’m very motivated. This is a special competition, which provides us great visibility, opportunity to praise the Ukrainian football to a new level. Thank God, a miner involved in these European games. The giants a huge number of players that have passed through Shakhtar. This is due to the fact that Shakhtar played in the Champions League.

Manchester city is a Prime candidate for first place. There are 300 million investment over two years. They have set a record in the Premier League on points, and they are managed by the best coach of our time.

We, Hoffenheim and Lyon – about the same level. We will fight for second place. The group balanced the teams will fight for points until the last seconds. The matches will be exciting and intense. It is important to win the first match. You need to understand that Hoffenheim demonstrates a different style than we’re accustomed to. Their 3-5-2 is difficult to resist.

In Ukraine feel at home. I respect and fully accept even the Dynamo fans. I married here, my wife is Ukrainian. Invite Ukrainians to the stadium to enjoy football miner. Is a Ukrainian football, and I hope for your support,” said Fonseca.

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