Fonseca: In a difficult match we showed our best

Фонсека: В сложном матче мы показали себя наилучшим образом

Paulo Fonseca

Shakhtar coach Paulo Fonseca was pleased with the victory of his team over Marseille.

“A great victory. In a difficult match we showed our best – both in attack and in defense.

The players were very focused and attentive, not allowing the “Olympians” to create chances. Almost did not let the opponent to counter-attack where he is quite dangerous.

In the attack the miner also proved excellent: there were a huge number of chances. Always difficult with such closed teams, however we could implement at least two options. So the victory is completely natural.

What happened in the first half? Marseille was more closed. It is not easy to open the defense, where 11 players are in the penalty box. And we had a lot of good chances, was just the latest solutions. It is clear the feeling that after the break, Shakhtar created more danger in front of goal. Conceding the second goal, the opponent a little more is revealed and the game went differently. We were much harder in the first half. When more space is somewhat easier. That is exactly what happened,” said Fonseca.

Recall, Shakhtar beat Marseille in the Donetsk Derby in the championship.

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