Fonseca: In the Champions League group stage we will have war until the end

Фонсека: В группе Лиги чемпионов у нас будет война до конца

Paulo Fonseca

Paulo Fonseca believes that the second round of the group stage of the Champions League will be harder than the first.

Head coach of Shakhtar Donetsk Paulo Fonseca in an interview talked about the games against Napoli and Manchester city in the Champions League, and also told what to expect from the second round of the tournament.

“In the games against man city and Napoli strategy Unas were built the same. What we wanted to do defensively, treat the game with both teams. It was the attack a little different. Against Napoli, everything that we were able to anticipate, read the game, gave us more advantage because we could get ahead of it. The city was much more difficult to predict what a certain player can do. With Napoli was probably a little easier because it was clear what might happen, because there is a joint effort and not as hard to predict situation.

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And it was evident that they were studying us. Also city have shown that they tried to anticipate our innovations. It is clear that it was they studied. With Napoli, I’m sure they also studied our team, but at the same time, we have prepared certain episodes, which brought us an advantage in the game. And for them they were perhaps a little unexpected.

I think that the second part of the group stage will be more difficult. Even the stuff with our two wins all more or less balanced. I think that all the teams can go further with a not so high probability. And I think that will be a very big struggle and war to the end. So, in my opinion, it will be much harder,” said Fonseca.

We will remind, after three rounds of the group stage of the Champions League in the asset miner 6 points and second place in the group.

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