Fonseca: Pyatov – the best goalkeeper in Ukraine

Фонсека: Пятов - лучший голкипер в Украине

The main coach of Shakhtar commented after the starting of the match the teams in the Champions League.

Head coach of Shakhtar Donetsk Paulo Fonseca spoke to the press after the match of the first round of the Champions League against Hoffenheim.

“What happened today is about what we expected. Many said that Hoffenheim are a weak team. But the Germans showed a very strong attacking football. We made a few mistakes in defence we had space that was supposed to be closed. But it is also the result of the play, but that completely proves my point about the strength of Hoffenheim.

It was the most difficult team for us this season. The enemy has caused us a lot of problems. We had difficulties at the beginning of the first half, it was hard to pass through the offensive line of the opponent, which literally blocked our way out from defence. But there is the merit of both teams. We also made some unforgivable mistakes.

Regarding the net, Yes, mistakes were. But Pyatov is a great player, the best in Ukraine. When I make a choice as goalkeeper, never doubt it.

I would also like to say about Bolbat. He had a good match with a difficult opponent. Often to it simply does not reach the ball. If to speak about replacement, we put Tyson on the left flank because of his speed and passing game against ismaily. It was a collective decision of the coaching staff,” said Fonseca at his press conference.

We will remind that the first match of Shakhtar in the Champions League this season ended in a draw 2:2. On our website are available video goals and highlights of the game.

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