Fonseca: the Meeting with Napoli is decisive for the miner

Фонсека: Встреча с Наполи не является решающей для Шахтера

Paulo Fonseca

Paulo Fonseca commented on the upcoming match of the group stage of the Champions League against Napoli.

Shakhtar coach Paulo Fonseca at the pre-match press conference before the match against Napoli in the Champions League has called on the opponent is the strongest team in Italy and one of the strongest in Europe, but expressed hope that the Pitmen will play better with Napoli than with Alexandria.

“Important for us all the matches, but the meeting with Napoli is decisive for the miner. If we talk about the team, all fully prepared, motivated and are configured to match against a great team.

The match against Napoli will be a totally different game than against Alexandria. I hope that tomorrow we will play a completely different way. All 100% understand the importance of this meeting. Tomorrow’s match will be the most difficult, because he’s next.

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I’m not afraid of absolutely nothing because it is just a game. We respect Napoli, and many recognize that this team is one of the best in Europe at the moment — the best in Italy. She also manages the coach, whom I respect a lot.

After the draw was considered as a favorite Napoli and city, and now they continue to stay. We wanted to stop them and now are in a slightly privileged position and we need to continue in the same spirit.

There are still two crucial match in which we have to be perfect. I have always believed and continue to believe that we can achieve our goal.

Shakhtar always tries to be himself. Yes, we love to play in the opponent’s half of the field and dominate, but now we understand that tomorrow we sometimes will need to adapt to the opponent. However, at the same time, I can promise that we will never compromise your principles of the game.

If there is an opinion that we came here to defend, then you are wrong. Perhaps there will be moments when we will play from the defense, but it will be a credit to Napoli. Shakhtar will get to showcase their game and not going to hide from Napoli.

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I will not hide — I am unhappy with the play of the defense in the League. However, at the same time, we continue to lead in the Premier League, play in the Champions League and the Ukrainian Cup. We evaluate our results at the end of the season. We are currently working on our defense and try to remove the existing problems.

The presence of Mertens in the squad? We don’t change our game because of individual players. Drys is one of the best players at his position, but we are not going to adapt to the opponent. To surprise Napoli will not be easy,” said Fonseca.

The match 5 th round of group round of the Champions League Napoli – Shakhtar Donetsk will take place on 21 November in Naples at the Stadio San Paolo. Note that our website will be available a text online broadcast of the match, which will start at 21:45.

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