Fonseca: the miner is not allowed to penetrate seven clear penalty

Фонсека: Шахтеру не дали пробить семь явных пенальти

The Pitmen’s head coach unhappy with refereeing in the championship of Ukraine.

Shakhtar coach Paulo Fonseca said that judges did not appoint his team a large number of penalties.

“This year in the Ukrainian championship seven was a clear penalty that we could break through, but they’re just not given to the miner. We don’t want to give us a penalty when it’s not a penalty. Regardless of the result when there are penalties, they need to give.

I’m not going to say much about it, but what I see in other games – it is surprising to me. I can’t shut up. For example, the last match Dinamo — Carpathians. It’s really a shame what happened. How can I be silent when I see such a situation?”

— said Mourinho in an interview with TC Football.

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