Fonseca: Vorskla we have created a lot of difficulties

Фонсека: Ворскла создала нам много трудностей

Paulo Fonseca

The mentor of Shakhtar said that to win against Vorskla the team helped replace.

Head coach of Shakhtar Donetsk Paulo Fonseca commented on the team’s victory over Vorskla.

“Tough game, but we deserved to win. Well have started. In a single moment, when I was not concentrated, we scored a goal that nobody was expecting. However, the first half is great: very intense, with lots of scoring chances.

At the break we went with the score 2:1, in principle, do not deserve. The second half also started pretty well: Shakhtar showed the same pace and intensity. Unfortunately, again, one moment of inattention – and 2:2. Of course, that complicates things. Our team didn’t react immediately, but after the replacements could find yourself. In the end we won a good team, which created a lot of difficulties.

After a pause for international matches are always difficult. First, because we have, thank God, many in the national team. In training there is very little players. The kids arrive just before the next game miner. For example, Fred was with us didn’t even arrived and we immediately went to Kharkov. To gather strength after a break for national teams is very difficult,” said Fonseca.

Recall, Shakhtar beat Vorskla in the match of the 12th round of the championship of Ukraine.

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