Football: Dynamo Kyiv – Ajax 0:0. Online

Футбол: Динамо - Аякс 0:0. Онлайн

Online stream Dinamo – Ajax

On Tuesday, August 28, will host the second leg of the play-off round of the Champions League between Dynamo Kiev and Ajax. The match starts at 22:00.

At the stadium NSK “Olympic” Tuesday, August 28, Kyiv Dynamo will play the second match of the knockout stages of the Champions League against the Dutch “Ajax”.

The first match of commands of Alexander Khatskevich and Erik ten Haag in Amsterdam ended with the score 3:1 in favor 33-fold champion of the Netherlands.

Will it be possible for Dinamo to win back odds in two balls and to win a confrontation with the Vice-champion of the Netherlands, see website live.

According to bookmakers, the advantage in this fight on the side of team Eric ten Haga. will lead the text online broadcast of the match Dinamo – Ajax. A match between two teams will start at 22:00.

Dynamo – Ajax: the online broadcast of the match Корреспондент.net.


Ajax deservedly goes to the group stage of the Champions League. Dinamo is weaker and will play in the Europa League.


90. Dynamo attempts though to create something ahead of Moody. Ajax have already calmed down.

84. Really! Khatskevich has matured and released the same Rusina, but instead Buyalsky!

82. So much time Ajax got even in the first match was not. And to score you need a Dynamo, by the way.

81. Huntelaar continues to forgive Dynamo and make smartly the hero of the match! Another save from Keeper of Kiev. Then the ball just rolls into the net Dynamo, but to kill no one.

79. Is Weber goes Eating.

75. Through the centre tried to pass Dynamo, also to no avail. Remains 15 minutes from kieanna on two goals.

74. No, it is impossible anything.

73. Buyalsky earned a free-kick. Maybe now something will happen?

71. Shaparenko is wrong with receiving the ball and fouls a yellow card. Another free kick for Ajax.

70. Tsygankov takes in hand of Onan.

68. Long shot Garmash crossbar.

66. Garmash fouls near his own penalty area. Another chance for Syesha, but now he struck the wall.

64. Shaparenko out instead of Serchuk. Why not Rusin? The coach knows better.

63. A cross from the right from Gramacho and Spraga was not able to expose his leg. Could be the first time Dynamo in the first half.

60. Score blows – 4:20! Here’s a game.

55. The CROSSBAR saves Dynamo! Ziyech scored. How lucky the people of Kiev today, and no luck to Ajax.

54. And immediately another attack guests, sydorchuk Ziese fouls right outside the box. Yellow card for captain Dynamo.

53. MOMENT Ajax BOYKO pulls in a beautiful jump kick de Lighta head!

52. Burda gives an inaccurate long pass directly to Siesa. That’s all today’s football Dynamo.

48. With dedication from Kiev full order, all bow in tackles, not feeling sorry for myself. Individually the players Ajax is stronger.

47. All the old – Ajax with the ball, the Dynamo bounces.

46. Instead Shepeleva at Dynamo came Garmash, and it would be better Rusin instead of Sprage.


Dinamo will save only a miracle, Ajax could have scored two correct goals and even the little things, Arsenal have only one point in time, and in the eyes of doom.


45. They want to do offensively, the Amsterdam players, and to score you need a Dynamo. Exit from defense to attack and the midfield have not really. Move the ball to no one.

43. BOYKO!!! Saves the Keeper Dinamo after Huntelaar was beaten in emphasis! Best moment of the match, not counting penalties, of course!

40. Like a Dynamo to solve problems in attack? Apparently Khatskevich doesn’t either. While Ajax samento stronger.

39. A strike of Siecha – in the arms of Boyko.

38. Ajax possession of the ball, Ajax combines, builds attack. Dynamo only defending itself.

36. Again forgive Ajax, Dynamo, from a good position van den Beck did not hit the target.

34. Ziyech ripped counter-attack “Dynamo”. Yellow card.

32. How easy Ajax can cope with the Dynamo pressing, just do not notice it. And how is not enough, Dynamo Besedina, very Supryaga not holding the ball. What do you want to play in the Second League, and then immediately start playing in the Champions League.

31. Another point at the Aqsa mosque after the standard blow past the gate was close.

30. But the supply from this free kick – about anything.

29. Tsyganov after discount Sprage earned a dangerous free kick!

28. Verbic managed to break through after a corner is weak and off target.

27. Supryaga spelled out for offside. In General without the ball. Although, now earned a corner-kick.

26. Tadic brought to the shock position, it’s good that he’s out of the box loaded above the gate.

25. With the flow of Pilarica from his flank the Amsterdam players managed, by a long shot Sidorchuk blocked. That’s all the chances a Dynamo.

23. Promising attack originated on the left flank. Verbic, and Pivaric beautiful peretasoval, but through pass into the penalty area Croat recipient not found.

21. While more like what score you need Ajax, not Dynamo. In the center of the field does not fit the game in Kiev.

19. Another shot by Ziese – in the arms of Boyko. Without Besedina and no one to catch the ball ahead.

18. The initiative from Ajax, and Kiev still can not recover.

17. Supryaga, by the way, still runs in idle, but the Dynamo need to score.

16. Well what fortune holds to Kiev in the game, maybe they’ll try a little now.


14. PENALTY against Dynamo! KENDZERA kept de Light shirt in the corner and the referee pointed to the spot. Yellow pole.

11. Hakim Sieh filed for Donny van de Beek and he closed with his head. Past the gate.

7. Onan confidently takes the ball after a corner.

5. MOMENT Dynamo! Verbic transported to the gate after casting Tsygankova – Onan super jump got!

2. Tsygankov tried to shoot Spragu, the Keeper took in his hands. High pressure Dinamo from the first minute.

1. Go. Support in Kiev today.


You’re done! The stadium is almost full! Plays the Champions League anthem! I hope not the last time this year, the Kyiv arena)

Delay the output of the commands because of problems with guest fans.

Well, as stated in the posters Kyiv fans: “Not for prpvide on spin, and for the crest on the Breasts”!

The Dynamo did not skimp on the promise before the game. Said willing to die for the sake of victory. Let’s see what happens.

The Kiev you need at least to score twice and not concede.

The debut of a young talent in a new team and immediately in this super important match.

And immediately surprised by the composition Khatskevich, instead of the injured Besedina start Ajax leaves 18-year-old Supryaga!


Dynamo – Boyko, KENDZERA, Kadar, Burda, Pivaric, Buialskyi, Shepelev, Tsygankov, Sidorchuk, Verbic, Suprega.

Ajax – Onan, blind, de Light, Weber, Mazroui, van de Beek, de Jong, Ziyech, Shen, Tadic, huntelar.