Football: Linnet told about their problems at Schalke

Футбол: Коноплянка рассказал о своих проблемах в "Шальке"

Ukraine midfielder Yevhen Konoplyanka is not satisfied with his position at the club. Jack almost doesn’t play Gelsenkirchen Schalke and has already talked about this with the leadership of the German club. It is reported by Mykola Vasilkov from Austria, where their fees and holds the national team of Ukraine.

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“I can’t explain this situation. I ask my guide, everything is all happy. You see, everyone except me. Because of this situation I am not very happy. You know, I don’t know exactly if all about football, I can’t understand the pattern because I ask the coaches, the Directors, everything is happy. I said, well, if in the near future this situation will continue, we need to talk is serious,” said Linnet.

Футбол: Коноплянка рассказал о своих проблемах в "Шальке"
Футбол: Коноплянка рассказал о своих проблемах в "Шальке"

Футбол: Коноплянка рассказал о своих проблемах в "Шальке"

Mykola Vasylkov

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Note, in Schalke Konoplyanka played for the season 523 minutes in the Bundesliga (goal + assist), 108 minutes in the German Cup (3 goals) and 360 minutes in the Europa League (2 goals). The last time Notre Dame took the field March 12, at seven minutes in the winning match against the “Augsburg” and a full match last time played in December last year. The Ukraine winger has moved on loan from Sevilla FC Schalke. In Spain Linnet stability was not.

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