Football: Markevich can change Lucescu at Shakhtar

Футбол: Маркевич может сменить Луческу в "Шахтере"

Markevich and Lucescu

Rumors that at the end of the season Myron Markevych can change Mircea Lucescu as the head coach of Shakhtar, not groundless. About it writes “Sport Today”.

As reported by a source close to the Romanian specialist, over 12 years with the Pitmen winning 21 trophies. However, the decision as to whether there will be Shakhtar’s current coach or new, is still pending. “In the coming days to meet with Mr. President of “Shakhtar” Rinat Akhmetov, ” says our source. – So far – the status quo. Lucescu interest from other teams have, but he has an agreement with the club that he will not make a single step in the direction of changing job until, while on parting with him will not be solved Shakhtar. At the meeting of the President of the club with the head coach and decide whether they will continue cooperation”.

The source confirmed that the 65-year-old Myron Markevych as a possible replacement for 70-year-old Mircea Lucescu is considered, and, to a great extent, by Lucescu. “See Mr. Markevych his possible successor, because he believes his best Ukrainian coach,” continues the source. – In addition, this designation could increase fan support “Shakhtar” in Lviv, where recently Markiewicz recognized person of the year. It would be symbolic: specialist originally from Western Ukraine – in the East Ukrainian team, “Skhid I Zahid at once.”

However, according to the source, doubt enough. Still Markevich accustomed to the fact that in their teams relies on these accomplished players. While Shakhtar takes a different philosophy. Before the outbreak of hostilities in the East of Ukraine it was the acquisition of young Brazilians, and now – active introduction to the composition of their own students. “Well, someone- “the miner” or Markevich – in the case of a contract will have to readjust” – believes a source.

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We will remind, after the forced departure from the Donbass Arena Shakhtar is playing most home matches at the Arena Lviv. And practicing in front of them on the basis of in Vynnyky, built, incidentally, on the initiative of Myron Markevych. Markevich and repeatedly visited the Pitmen’s training, which often deals with Lucescu.

He Markevich, last season having come against Dnipro to the final of the Europa League, denies the existence of talks with Shakhtar. But yesterday noted that, contrary to rumors, is not going to lead PAOK: “I no decision has yet been take. Waiting for what the outcome of the meeting (Igor Kolomoisky with the management of the club. – Ed.) to understand how the owner of “Dnepr” will deal with the team.” Whereas Lucescu, who actively woos Turkey, “Monaco”, and even “Zenit”, the topic of his future has not commented, like, no time. But his son Razvan said recently Romanian media that Mr “not tired, but after all these years, maybe it’s time to leave Shakhtar.