Football: Slavia Praha – Dinamo 0:1. Online

Футбол: Славия – Динамо 0:1. Онлайн

Online match Slavia Praha-Dinamo

On Tuesday, August 7, will host the match of the third qualifying round of the Champions League between Slavia Prague and Dynamo Kiev. The match starts at 20:30.

On Tuesday, August 7, Dynamo Kiev start their European Cup season. Slavia will Dynamo Kiev in the third qualifying round of the Champions League in Prague at the Eden Arena.

If Dynamo Kiev will host Slavia in the next round, the Dynamo will play the winner of standard – of Ajax. will lead the text online broadcast of the match Slavia – Dynamo. A match between two teams will start at 20:30.

Slavia-Dynamo: online broadcast of the match Корреспондент.net.


Just a little bit not enough to win the people of Kiev! But scoring a draw away from home too, nothing though could be better.


90+5 GOAL! 1:1! Scored, Husbauer.

90+3 has Negotibale! Penalty earned Slavia! A series of ricochets and a Slavia player is alone in front of Boyko, KENDZERA knocks in the tackle, it seemed that clean. But the referee decided that no.

90+1 Five minutes more need to suffer the people of Kiev for the victory.

90. Andrievsky is Tsygankova out at Dynamo.

89. And another point from Slavia after a corner, Simone Delhi missed, but he shot wide of the target.

89. SAVE SMARTLY after a long range shot SOU? ek!

88. Slavia attack, but three Killeen thrown under the impact Stoha! Smotlacha as always in Kiev.

86. Last substitution from Slavia, all the attack – instead of Sikora went out Olinka.

85. Nervous Czechs, Husbauer agreed to the card.

83. The most important goal was scored by Dynamo, major!


80. Second substitution at Slavia. Is jaromír Simhala came Alexander Baluta.

77. Perspektivniy attack ruined Sidorchuk transfer into the void.

75. All alone, Verbic was in front of the gate, but a flank didn’t do that.

74. Tsygankov was beaten from long range and earned a corner.

71. Pushed the game from the gate Dynamo. But to the dangerous moments it does not reach. A lot of marriage.

69. Slavia looks much stronger in the second half.

68. Shepelev is Buyalsky goes to press in midfield.

67. Another free-kick earns Slavia. Kadar fouls. Played a free-kick for the Czechs Husbauer – wide.

65. The first yellow card of the match Vitaliy buialskyi. Boyko calmly took the ball after a free kick from Stocha.

63. Moment, Slavia! Header after a corner kick missed the target.

62. A promising cast for Tecla was in the Dynamo penalty area, but Boyko was first on the ball.

61. The first substitution of the match at Slavia – is Milan škoda’s left Stanislav Tecl.

58. Verbic shot from the centre of the box is blocked.

54. Dynamo quite clung to their goal. Yet nothing comes out from Kiev in the second half.

51. Husbauer punched metres with 35-ti – wide.

46. Very colorful nastavnik from Slavia – shirt and cap. Very emotionally behaved on the sideline.



45. A little while kivlyan out in attack, let’s see what happens in the second half.

42. Verbic on the shock position! No, Dinamo not to score. Block the shot the Slovene.

40. Dangerous shot from Slavia. A. A. Wasserman beat of summer — past the near post.

36. Attack Dynamo ended with a cross from the left Garmash on Besedina, but the Czechs took the ball from head the only striker of Kiev.

34. While Kiev calmly cope with Chekhov innings.

33. Dangerous attack Slavia, Swill beat, he fouls. Will the penalty area.

29. Canopy Tsygankova from a corner flew over everyone in the penalty Slavia.

25. Boring game, not enough matching Dynamo action.

23. Tsygankov on his flank prokinul ball past the defender and fell, the referee did not see violations.

17. You can hear the fans of Dynamo filled the Prague stadium.

13. First time in Slavia. A cross from the right flank was completed by Skoda’s head, but struck straight into the arms of Boyko.

9. Boyko suffered an injury, medics on the field, warming up Busan.

5. Escaped to the counter — Zmrhal filed for Sykora, but he was caught offside, which were created artificially by the people of Kiev.

4. The corner was also dangerous – Burda competed for horse feed.

3. Chic attack Dynamo had to score BESEDIN! Garmash gave to Tsygankov, he shot along the gate, but Besedin failed to beat the goalkeeper from close range.

2. While the ball more from Dynamo.

1. Slavia is somewhat similar to Dinamo. Also relies on defense and fast counterattacks. Many goals can be expected.


Teams already on the field.

The stadium was Packed to capacity. In Prague hot, the fans promise to give free water.


Slavia – Kolar, Delhi, Baril, A. A. Wasserman, Made-Ngadjui, Soucek, Husbauer Sikora, Stoch, Zmrhal, Skoda.

Dynamo – Boyko, Burda, Morozyuk, KENDZERA, Kadar, Buialskyi, Garmash, Verbic, Sidorchuk, Tsygankov, Besedin.

We will remind, the teams Slavia and Dinamo in recent years, not met on the field, besides playing trenirovochny fees in 2016. Then, Dynamo has lost to rival 1:2

Before the start of the Champions League Dynamo Kiev beat Shakhtar Donetsk in the Premier League of Ukraine.