Football: the national Team of Ukraine will have difficulties in the match with Croatia, Darijo Srna

Футбол: Сборной Украины будет тяжело в матче с Хорватией, - Срна 

Darijo Srna

The captain of Shakhtar’s Croatian and former Croatia defender Darijo Srna believes his national team in a match from the first minute will play to win.

“On the match in Croatia will be a full house. National team against the Ukrainians from the first minute will play to win. At home we always play attacking football. Of course, I want Croatia won the match, but together with Ukraine were on the 2018 world Cup!

I can say for sure that Ukraine will be hard to match with Croats. Croatians always play well at home. But you have to respect and the national team of Ukraine. A few years ago we played with them and both matches ended with draw. Know that the national team of Croatia with respect to Ukraine.

If I fly to the match? Yes, I’ll be at the game!

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How did the team at Ante Choice? Well, the team started to play good football. Croatia were unlucky at Euro 2016 to get to the semifinals or to win the tournament. Today football is luck, without it in any way.

What young promising Croatian players? Piazza, Kovacic, Brozović.. Croatia — the country that always produce good players! In this country there will always be good players, don’t worry.

The team of Ukraine with Shevchenko? There are some changes but every coach depends on the result. I respect Shevchenko, I wish him only good results. I hope that Ukraine will be a good result. I’ll be rooting for this team, but after Croatia,” said Dario.

We will remind, the match of the qualifying cycle for the 2018 world Cup Croatia — Ukraine on 24 March. After four rounds Croats with 10 points and top of group I, Ukraine with 8 points in second place in the table.

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