FOOTBALL.UA launched a new project the UEFA Champions League

FOOTBALL.UA запустил новый проект Лига Чемпионов

Champions League /С – unique special project FOOTBALL.UA “Ukrainian media holding”.

The main football website in the country FOOTBALL.UA that is part of the family media project “Ukrainian media holding”, has launched a new special project Champions League /

For true football fans online magazine FOOTBALL.UA created a unique online project of the Champions League.

Now all the information about the most prestigious club football tournament – the Champions League – are collected on one website.

This is a unique project for the Ukrainian Internet space, where a single, bright and state of the art platform is news, schedule, standings, and many other mega interesting materials written in professional language for a wide range of Ukrainian football fans.

Website visitors the Champions League will have a unique opportunity to be the first informed of the most interesting events of the current Champions League and future League tournaments.

Attention football auditorium tours and the stage of the tournament, playing teams results favorite teams, personal stats of players.

True fans of the beautiful sport frame will not remain indifferent to photos and videos of a project, the Champions League. The visitors of the website only licensed photos and videos from the rights holders.

A convenient transition to the special Champions League website FOOTBALL.UA will satisfy regular readers and fans. A professional team is the football website of the Ukrainian Internet space FOOTBALL.UA ensure наполнение quality content, interesting facts, relevant articles and the best videos on prestigious club tournament, the Champions League.

Special project Champions League football professionally, interestingly, on a global level.