Football: Zorya need amplification to play with such teams – vernydub

Футбол: "Заре" нужно усиление, чтоб играть с такими командами, - Вернидуб

Vernidub and Mourinho

Head coach of “Dawn” Yuri Vernidub summarized the performances of Luhansk in the Europa League, according to the channel “Football”.

“I am grateful to my children. Yes, we lost — but you know who we played. In the first half they closed down the spaces. At the break we said to go forward, not to fear — because it was impossible to survive the entire match as the first half. Therefore, in the second half, we wanted to carry out their attacks. Unfortunately, in the 47th minute, a mistake in midfield, and such teams as Manchester United, do not forgive mistakes. We tried to attack, there were chances, but alas. In the end we conceded the second goal. I congratulate Manchester, we focus on the championship. Will try next year to get into the Europa League,” said vernydub.

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“If you want to compete with these clubs need strengthening. I understand that in the current situation is very difficult. Many say that our football is degrading, but I wouldn’t say that. The fight for the Europa League is very intense. Can applaud Fonseca that finally the miner appears talented young people who are very good manifests itself. This is the future of our team. For me, the coaching staff and players is a great school. Conducting such games, the players will gain levels. There is room for improvement. I would like to do better, but that is what it is. Yes, we lost, but not as much not as we predicted. We struggled with leading European clubs,” added the coach.

We will remind, in last match “dawn” lost “Manchester United”.