For 10 years. The end of the court in the most scandalous accident

По 10 лет. Конец суда по самому скандальному ДТП

Scandalous road accident in the Kharkiv

In October 2017, due to an accident in Kharkov killed six pedestrians on the punishment it took more than a year, but now they face 10 years in prison.

Fatal accident in Ukraine often go unpunished. When 18 Oct 2017 due to a collision involving the Lexus and the Volkswagen Touareg in Kharkiv six people were killed, many managed to record this case into such a category.

However, the court still udenafil the perpetrators of this accident and sentenced them to 10 years in prison. This is Elena Zaitseva – the driver of the Lexus and Gennady drones the driver of the Volkswagen Touareg. recalls, as developed in the case.

How it was

The evening of 18 October 2017 in the center of Kharkov Volkswagen Touareg collided with the elite Lexus RX 350, which raced at high speed. Lexus from blow turned over and flew onto the sidewalk, where pedestrians waited for the green light.

Driving a black Lexus was 20-year-old Elena Zaytseva – third-year student of the Kharkiv national University named Karazin Kharkiv national University on direction “Advertisement and public relations”.

That night she was celebrating a friend’s birthday, and with it drove out of the cafe.

According to police, Zaitsev was without documentation and, according to the released video, was waiting for a driver’s license will bring up the familiar.

The girl’s stepfather, a local businessman Vasily Zaitsev, who is engaged in the manufacture of food products.

Elena Zaitseva has violated the rules of the road for the first time. The girl has been three times fined for running a red light and speeding.

The second culprit is the driver of the Volkswagen Gennady drones, were engaged in retail trade, officially became an accomplice in the crime until two weeks after the accident. He drones insisted on the status of the victim. It was also not his first accident. For 5 months before the terrible accident in Sumy drones encountered on their own vases with Mitsubishi for what we paid 340 hryvnias of a penalty.

Both are guilty

Prosecutors in court said – an accident resulting actions of both, Zaitseva and Dronova. None of them tried to warn of the consequences.

Zaitsev was speeding up to 80 km/h instead of the allowed 50, and rushed at a red light. The drones stopped at the traffic lights, over the stop line, moved off, not waiting for the green light – to yellow.

Neither Zaytsev nor the drones did not brake before the collision. Examination showed that both vehicles were serviceable.

Sober or not?

After an accident in the blood Zaitseva found opiates. But the first analysis was conducted with violations, was taken less than the required 60 ml. Repeated analysis showed the presence of opiates, but their exact origin could not be established.

According to experts, judging by the fact that traces of morphine not found, the detected substance can say that Zaitsev was taking medication. She said that took Pentalgin. In addition, lost, and then discovered the doctor-psychiatrist Elena Fedirko and police who attended the scene said that Zaitseva did not show signs of intoxication. Fedirko noted an unsteady gait, but said it could be a concussion.

The sentence

Zaitseva repented and said it was ready to pay damages to the victims. It was extenuating circumstances, but she still was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Drones pleaded not guilty, the judge viewed it as an attempt to avoid responsibility. He also appointed 10 years in prison.

Both also sentenced additional punishment – deprivation of driving privileges for 3 years.

The accused has 30 days to appeal the sentence. While he will not come into force, are under arrest. Drones told reporters that he does not consider the objective decision and will appeal it.

Also, the defendants should compensate all material damage to victims totaling more than seven million.

The position of victims

Three victims refused claims to Zaitseva, having received from her family compensation.

Other victims demanded severe punishment for both drivers. Their lawyers explained that the majority does not believe Zaitseva and sincerity 50 thousand hryvnias of the help which I received from her.

“I don’t understand why for them, this amount, the cost of the iPhone, is equal to the life of someone’s child, taken away because of a senseless, irresponsible act … My desire to punish them is not revenge, I will not revenge …” – says Svetlana Vinichenko, who had lost in the accident an only son.

“So this is how? Hit by a car, the door is opened, the money rush: this is for you help, okay? And then this is taken into account as a mitigating circumstance,” says Igor Barchenko. His two daughters fell under the wheels Zaitseva, survived only one.

“I think both guilty. Let the court decides, some more, some less. I hope for a fair punishment, although my girls didn’t give it back,” – said Yuri Fabrice, who died in a traffic accident sister and niece.

Especially heated debates arose because of the state Zaitseva at the time of the accident. Protection of some of the victims claimed that the student was under the influence of drugs and requested to take this into account in sentencing, but the court decided otherwise.