For 2016 the most popular among employers remain working in the profession

В течение 2016 наиболее востребованными среди работодателей остаются рабочие профессии

At the beginning of December in the database of the state employment service are 53.3 thousand vacancies. The vast majority of the most popular among employers throughout 2016 remain working in the profession.

This was announced by acting Chairman of the State employment service (Central office) Valery Yaroshenko, the press service of the Ministry.

“For 11 months of 2016 the number of vacancies in the database of the employment Service, amounted to more than 870 000. Analyzing them, I can say that the country lacks workers. You know that the employment service is being reformed and its services are becoming more accessible to the public. Therefore, the set of vacancies is much faster. Today began a restructuring process in which we plan to reduce the number of administrative staff and increase the number of professionals who are engaged in customer service”, – said Vladimir Yaroshenko.

According to him, the country has the greatest need for the following positions: drivers of motor vehicles, grocery stores, utility workers, boiler operators, seamstresses, cooks, porters and other workers of the profession.

Along with this, we see that along with the usual professions, which sometimes do not even require training, there is a shortage of specialists in various fields.

Among occupations in which there is a shortage of specialists most: trolleybus driver (154 jobs and only 26 applicants) General practitioner family doctor (119 vacancies and 16 candidates), the mechanic-the electrician on repair of electrical equipment (236 156 vacancies and candidates), Miller (192 jobs and 79 applicants), inspector, Ministry of interior (117 vacancies and 44 candidates). The country also lacks pediatricians, General practitioners, turners, grinders.

Thus, among the most popular professions among the unemployed accountant (the country work in this area seeks 7467 unemployed), the Director-Director (unemployed 3503), a specialist of public service (4862 unemployed), economist (2879 unemployed), chief accountant (2150 unemployed), lawyer (1176 unemployed).

The imbalance between supply and demand for labour is observed all over Ukraine.
“The imbalance in the labor market is a national problem, which is known the country for many years. There is a list of occupations, which is popular to learn that lawyers, economists, managers. At a time when employers have a surplus of workers in such professions, but is lacking specific professionals,” – said Yaroshenko.

However, he noted that if a person’s profession was not in demand in the labour market, the employment Service is absolutely free to retrain for a new profession. In the structure of the NHS has 11 centres of vocational education, in which you can master one of 77 professions: bartender or waiter, to the programmer or a diver.