For blockade of Donbass were policies that promoted a specific political force, – Reva

За блокадой Донбасса находились политики, которые представляли конкретную политсилу, – Рева

Social policy Minister Andriy Reva, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. 20.03.2017

For blockade of Donbass were specific policies that promoted a specific political force. This was announced by the Minister of social police Andrey Reva in “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“When it comes to that blocked communication between the uncontrolled territories and controlled by the people, at the head of these people were very specific policy, which promoted a specific political force. Who is Yegor Sobolev? Who is Semyon Semenchenko? I think there is no need to explain. What was the position of the faction “Samopomich” in this time? They massively went back to support those who are sitting there. What were the statements Garden in support of those who are there blocks? These are public statements that were heard by the whole country. … Who is the leader of the party? Garden. If he is against the embargo, you could pick a faction, he could collect their MPs and say this is wrong,” said Reva.

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As reported, the allocation of Ukraine tranche under the program of expanded financing (EFF) for $ 1 billion. disappeared from the agenda of the IMF Board of Directors on 20 March. The Ministry of Finance reported that this is due to the trade blockade of Donbass. The NBU has promised to revise the macroeconomic forecasts for the IMF because of the blockade of Donbass.

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