For Deputy Kernes made a pledge of 30 million

За заместителя Кернеса внесли залог в 30 миллионов гривен

Tatiana Ovinnikova

According to the lawyer, the money was collected together in five days.

The Deputy mayor of Kharkiv Tatiana Ovinnikova, which is suspected in the theft of land, made a Deposit of 30 million, UKRINFORM reported her lawyer Julia Pletnev.

“Money in the amount of 30 million hryvnias have already been credited to the account of the court of Appeal in Kyiv, that we have officially informed the Prosecutor General and the court of appeal,” said Pletnev and noted that the money collected for five days together.

She also said that from three to 100 thousand listed people, confident of the innocence of Ovinnikova.

“Bail frees Ovinnikova from any other measure, but she is obliged to appear in the preliminary investigation and to report about change of residence”, − informed Pletnev.

According to her, the defense intends to seek an acquittal in court.

“Ovinnikova alleged actions was not in her job duties and all decisions on land are taken by voting members at the sessions” − says the lawyer.

Earlier the public Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko reported that the Kyiv court of appeals agreed to a request for the arrest of Ovinnikova.

At the end of March the assistant Kernes was reported about suspicion in the free granting in the property of land.