For him not to wear? Whether first graders backpack

За плечами не носить? Нужен ли первокласснику рюкзак

What kind of mother do not doubt in buying a backpack for a first grader? Frame body seem cumbersome, and it is rather big.

For those who are in anticipation of the school season still undecided, we have the TOP 5 answers to the most common questions moms for school backpacks.

No. 1. It needs a frame form? Yes. She is responsible for the shape of the backpack, even with its uneven load. In school, the child just throws things in a backpack, and hence, there is a preponderance on one side. Needless to say that in the first class to wear the backpack are skewed – harmful?

Not least – comfortable S-shaped shoulder straps that perfectly fit the torso of the child. Pay attention to the width of the straps, their thickness and density. Perfect width of straps should be 5-6 cm, but the ideal filler is a polyethylene foam. This, for example, can boast of backpacks Ukrainian brand “1 Veresnya”. Their shape, size and features of the fastening to the backpack allow for optimum weight distribution on the shoulders of a first grader

to make wearing the backpack comfortable.

And finally, most importantly: there is no more durable and “unbreakable” backpacks than a frame – they are not one or two years. Why? It’s simple: plastic inserts not only provide rigidity but also a shape that does not deteriorate over the years, and therefore the fabric of this backpack longer ystraivaet.

За плечами не носить? Нужен ли первокласснику рюкзак



No. 2. How about a rigid back? It is responsible for posture when wearing. Agree, students-first-graders rarely demonstrate a soldier’s bearing, but because the back additional support is required. In this case, the stiffness + padding made of polyethylene foam. Back straight = less slouch.


No. 3. Maybe not to buy a backpack? For a very frugal mom, the decision can become even a plastic bag. As a good choice, judge for yourself. Frame backpack with orthopedic back is the ability to neatly store things, and so the opportunity to teach the student to order. Notebooks and folders in such backpacks are stored without Talibani angles, ismalia, that is, look neat and do not need frequent replacement for a new one.

Orthopedic backpack has another advantage: the safety of things. Child inadvertently will not lose your senior laid down for him from the lunchbox to the sharpener. It is responsible for the zipper, rivets, Velcro, and many other helpers.

За плечами не носить? Нужен ли первокласснику рюкзак



No. 4. Need to buy an expensive backpack, or you can use any?

The price for a good backpack not only depends on the popularity of the brand. It is rather a choice in favor of quality fabrics, durable construction and more durable hardware.

A trusted manufacturer will give parents the fact that others often can’t offer: a guarantee of quality. Dogs and lightning, which did not differ lining which will not break at the wrong moment, and a fabric that will not fade after first washing.

No. 5. How to distinguish an original from a fake?

To determine the quality of the backpack “by eye” is difficult even for professional, so there are other ways to do it. Chief among them – the certificate of the official representative. So, for example, offers “1 Veresnya”. The certificate confirms that Your chosen store sells are not fake and the original products. That is, the brand itself is concerned, the buyer was dealing with the original of his products and been happy with the purchase. Such certificates today is not only in large stores and even sellers in the markets.

Remember: the load in the early grades does not seem so significant, but except You, no one will take care of the health of the child, proper posture, ease and comfort. Choose in favor of quality, and You will never face an overpayment.