For Ichnya continuing explosions – SSES

На складах под Ичней продолжаются взрывы - ГСЧС

The explosion near Ichnya continue from 3:30 a.m.

At the scene gathered hundreds of rescuers, but to proceed to dismantle can’t because of the explosions.

In the sixth district of the Arsenal of the defense Ministry near the village of Druzhba Ichnya district, Chernihiv region continued explosions, causing the elimination of consequences of emergency has not yet begun. On Tuesday, October 9, reports gschs in Facebook.

At the scene concentrated forces and means the total number of 764 163 pieces of equipment. In case of complication of an operational situation has created a cadre of 109 people and 23 units of fire equipment.

In addition, prepared two fire-fighting aircraft, medical aircraft and helicopters in reserve at railway stations Pryluky, Konotop, Nezhin, Kiev-passenger and Darnitsa, Poltava and Kagamlyka there are 7 trains firefighters.

“At the present time on the territory of a military warehouse, there are explosions of varying intensity… After reducing the intensity of explosions of forces and means of the SSES will begin implementation of measures for liquidation of emergency situations”, – stated in the message.

In turn, the Chernihiv regional state administration reported that despite a decrease in the intensity of the explosions, local residents to return home early.

According to the administration, any person as a result of explosions in the area were not injured. Appropriate services keeping constant communications with points of reception of citizens, study their needs.

Earlier the General staff announced that the knock intensity has dropped to one blast per minute. The fire is localized.


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