For normal operation of the fish patrol throughout Ukraine needs 140 million hryvnia

Для нормальной работы рыбного патруля по всей Украине необходимо 140 млн гривен

To equip conservation patrol in 26 regions of Ukraine need 140 million or 5.5 million dollars. This investment is necessary to preserve the fishing industry in Ukraine with an annual turnover of 8 billion, wrote in his column on “Economic truth”, the Chairman of the Gosrybagentstvo Yarema Kovaliv.

“140 million hryvnia – the budget run 26 conservation patrols in all areas, the acquisition of minimum required equipment. The price the state must pay to save the industry. To ensure food security in the state and stepping into the future where our children will learn about fish from Wikipedia, and seeing live in the river,” he wrote.

According to the Chairman of Gosrybagentstvo, due to internal optimizations and without additional funds from the state budget Department was able to raise the salary of the fish patrol 7 to 8 thousand UAH. compared with the previous salaries 1.2 million in the agencies of the fishery inspection. Patrol has provided training, training from the Europeans. European partners – Estonia, Norway and GFCM FAO will also provide technical assistance in the development and implementation of electronic systems for monitoring and reporting on industrial fishing.

Almost 6 months effective the “pilot” conservation patrol Kiev region, continued personnel competitions in the territorial management of the conservation patrol. The only remaining issue in the reform of the organs of the fisheries remains the question of the modern equipment, without which effective fight against poaching – impossible.

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According to Kovaleva, investment in conservation patrol for the state is short-term and strategic. Based on the work of the “pilot” Kyiv conservation of the patrol, it can pay off for the state in less than 1.5 years.

For four months the patrol found 529 violations with losses to the state on 1.2 million UAH. Considering the index of Kyiv region as an average and projecting it for 12 months and 27 regional offices throughout Ukraine, we get 97 million UAH. in the year, as the volume of potentially convicted of offences. “For comparison, the predecessors of the fishery patrol, fishery inspection bodies, which we eliminated because of the numerous complaints about their inefficiency and corruption, in 2015 across the country have found such violations in 4.5 times less – a total of 20.5 million UAH,” Koval wrote. In addition, a small sum compared to the funding of other law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Kovaliv added that in addition to convicted of violations of fishing regulations and poaching, the work of the conservation patrol led to the legalization of fisheries in Kyiv oblast: “the Kanev reservoir catch increased by 57%, Kyiv – 30%. Just because patrol checking fishermen during the unloading and processing batches of fish. This is not special operations, and daily quality control. Now imagine if such a significant growth was possible on the Kanev reservoir, how much fish you can bring from the “shadow” in the Odessa region and on the Azov sea?”.

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