For salaries of judges Anticorodal provided 100 million

На зарплаты судей Антикорсуда предусмотрели 100 миллионов

Salaries 39 judges plan to spend UAH 100 million

Just anti-corruption court, which is still not created, intend to spend 287 million.

In 2019 on top of the anti-corruption court plan to spend about 287 million. In particular, the salaries of judges may take over 100 million. This is according to the draft budget 2019, published on the Parliament website.

Thus, the draft budget is allocated 217 million 309,5 thousand UAH for Implementation of anti-corruption justice of the Supreme court and 69 million 786,2 thousand UAH – for the implementation of justice by the appeals chamber.

In connection with the work of the anti-corruption court on utilities and electricity are going to spend 1 million 478 thousand UAH; more scheduled 106 million 444,2 thousand UAH for “development costs”. According to the explanatory Memorandum, this amount will be used to purchase computer and office equipment, printers, reconstruction of the premises of the court, etc.

It should be noted that judges in Antiquorum still to be recruited. Just last week ended submission of documents for participation in the competition. 39 posts expect about a hundred judges. The beginning of the work of the court is not expected until spring.


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