For six months, poisoned more than 47 thousand Ukrainians

За полгода отравились более 47 тысяч украинцев

Ulyana Suprun advises not to buy street food

Separately on Salmonella infection during this period was ill 3046 Ukrainians, said Ulyana Suprun.

For the six months of 2018 in Ukraine acute intestinal infection diagnosed 47256 people. This was announced by acting Minister of health Suprun on his page on Facebook on Thursday 2 August.

“In General in Ukraine over the past six months with acute intestinal infections, which include food poisoning (except botulism and mushroom poisoning) sick 47256 people. Separately on Salmonella infection during this period was ill 3046 Ukrainians,” said Suprun.

She noted that in hot weather any street food is dangerous to health.

“Hot dogs, pies, meat pies and other fast food, which can be purchased at a kiosk or a street fair is always potentially hazardous to health, if you are not sure what conditions it was stored and prepared. Primarily for the meat and various sauces based on mayonnaise,” added the Minister.

Recall that on 30 July it became known about the poisoning Shawarma in Kiev. Initially it was reported about five victims, but their number started to grow rapidly and reached seventy. Found that 33 of the victims were eating Shawarma, bought in the MAF near the metro station Darnitsa.

Later, officials reported that in Kiev we have around 1.5 million illegal mobile fast food outlets. Permission to work in the capital have only 62 points fast food. They have a special hologram.

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