For six years, waiting. What happens to bezveza

Уже шесть лет ждем. Что происходит с безвизом

Visa-free regime with EU for Ukraine has been delayed again.

Ukraine will not receive today a visa-free regime, despite promises of the President of Petro Poroshenko.

Authorities have two years to tolerate the promised date of introduction of bezveza with the EU.

Kiev says it has fulfilled all the conditions of the EU and for Brussels.

Корреспондент.net versed in the new bezveza failure.

The transfer on the transfer

Petro Poroshenko as Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine in 2010 in an interview with the Reporter said that in 2011 Ukrainians will travel to the European Union without visas.

Уже шесть лет ждем. Что происходит с безвизом


In 2014, during the inauguration Poroshenko said that from 1 January 2015, besbes will be introduced.

The next date was the end of 2015.

In late October, Poroshenko told Ukrainian TV channels have already named a specific date – 24 November 2016, but that his promise will not be fulfilled.

The position of the EU

The European Commission and the European Parliament have done everything to cancel the visa regime between the EU and Ukraine, said European Parliament President Martin Schulz.

The corresponding decision was accepted at session of the permanent representatives of member countries and special committees.

On a question of journalists, whether the truth, what’s the problem in the approaching elections in Germany and France, he explained that some doubts are not only in these countries. “The concern is also from Italy, Hungary and other countries. In turn, we did everything you need. The European Parliament adopted all the necessary decisions. The mechanism for suspending the visa-free regime is also formulated. It all depends on whether the participating countries along together,” said Schultz.

Why do we need a summit

In Brussels today is hosting the summit Ukraine-EU.

Reuters writes that EU leaders a little praise Poroshenko and call to revive reform. Europeans are concerned about the level of corruption and the slow pace with which Kiev is struggling against it.

Today in the summit agenda the issue of visas at all.

The sides will discuss implementation of the Minsk agreements, the implementation of reforms and providing financial assistance to Ukraine.

The official website of the European Council notes that negotiations will discuss the allocation of Ukraine 15 million euros to support programs to fight corruption, as well as 104 million Euro to reform the public administration.

Will also discuss the issue of uninterrupted gas supplies to Europe in winter.

New date for bezveza

The mechanism for suspension of visa-free regimes, which inhibits the abolition of visas for Ukraine, and can not make this year be postponed until the elections in France, told the Brussels correspondent of Radio Freedom Rikard Jozwiak.

“There is no certainty that agreement on the mechanism for suspension of visa-free regimes can be achieved in 2016. You may have to wait until when elections will be held in France in April-may,” he wrote.

As you know, the first round of presidential elections in France will be held on 23 April, the second on 7 may.

Thus, the effective abolition of visas for Ukraine can be expected no earlier than summer of next year, because after the decision is a formal procedure for signing and a 21-day waiting period.


Уже шесть лет ждем. Что происходит с безвизом


Уже шесть лет ждем. Что происходит с безвизом


Уже шесть лет ждем. Что происходит с безвизом


Уже шесть лет ждем. Что происходит с безвизом


Уже шесть лет ждем. Что происходит с безвизом


Уже шесть лет ждем. Что происходит с безвизом