For the 2018 world Cup was the national team of the country where fewer people live than in Vinnitsa

На ЧМ-2018 прошла сборная страны, где живет меньше людей, чем в Виннице

A small population is not a hindrance to show a good result

The population of Iceland is about 330 000 people.

Iceland became the smallest population country that has ever reached the final of the world Cup.

The population of the state is 330 000 people. The previous record belonged to Trinidad and Tobago with a population of 1.3 million people.

Recall, Ukrainian team defeated the team Croatia with the score 0:2 in the qualifying match for the 2018 world Cup. Ukraine took the third place in the group and lost all chances to qualify for the world Cup. First place in the table occupied Iceland.