For the first time in three years came the serum from the botulism

Впервые за три года появилась сыворотка от ботулизма

The serum will help to quickly cope with the disease

Canadian antitoxin treats all seven types of the disease.

For the first time since 2014 in Ukraine there is a serum against botulism, the head of the MOH Suprun, reports the BBC.

The first batch of 25 courses of treatment – canadian antitoxin was provided by the United Nations development Programme. According to the Director of the organization in Ukraine of Antomas Himstra, this is a quality whey, it cures all seven types of botulism, and is suitable for both adults and children.

This party will be enough for 25 people. The cost of the party is 2, 5 million hryvnia, Ukraine has provided humanitarian assistance. Medicine will be stored on speckled of the Ministry of health.

Now, according to Suprun, in Ukraine there are no people hospitalized with suspected botulism. “The current supply will form the base stock to be used for immediate treatment of new cases”, – noted in the Ministry of health.

“When a month ago we asked the Minister, we found that it is impossible to find these medications on the market because States usually order them forward,” said Mr. Hiemstra.

According to him, in EU countries this disease is not, because the people there care about the purity of the products.

“It’s a matter of food safety. Ukraine should carry out a serious educational course for the population,” he added.

As reported, from the beginning of the year in Ukraine recorded 76 cases of botulism, 8 people died. The largest source of contamination is fish, dried in the home. Among the risk factors also salted fish and canned fish.