For the first time: study in prestigious schools in USA with a scholarship of 50%

Впервые: учёба в престижных школах в США со стипендией 50%

In Ukraine started the scholarship project from Amerigo Education for high school students who plan to study in the United States

Amerigo Education is a prestigious private schools in the United States, which are open to accepting applications from Ukrainian students in grades 9-11 for the scholarship.

Young Ukrainians have the opportunity to receive scholarships in sizes $20000, $24000 and $30000 thousand dollarsthat covers up to 50% of the cost of study and accommodation, meals and extracurricular activities.

The Ukrainians in America

As stressed by the representative of Amerigo Education Olga Few, “the main task of Amerigo schools to enable children from different parts of the world to get a prestigious education in American schools, unforgettable experience of studying in an international environment, and to prepare for admission in top universities of the world, including leading American universities – Ivy League: Harvard, Princeton, Yale”.

That is, the students-scholars not only go to another country, not only learn the language and get used to a different system of education. But open doors to elite, the world’s best education.

How to teach

For pupils Amerigo the educational process is built in a special way:

1. In the first half of the day students attend school with other American students. Are the same program, doing, and doing homework.
2. After a dinner for students organized extra English lessons, sports or creative activities.
3. Excursions and leisure trips every weekend, definitely. In addition, Amerigo Education sponsors educational trips for children at Thanksgiving and during spring break.
4. Special attention is paid to the process of preparation and admission to universities through the specialized program “ University Advising Program”. It is based on a personal approach to the wishes and plans of the student and consists of individual consultations, seminars and projects to effectively prepare for entrance exams, to brush up on the subjects that are necessary for admission.

This integrated approach quickly yields the fruits: children are more motivated because they know what they want and what it needs to do.
This is the direct path for admission to the best universities of the world.

And most importantly, the more successful the student, the more scholarship he could count.



How will Ukrainian students?

• Academic Honors Scholarship – $30000 thousand dollars.
The scholarship covers 50% of the annual tuition fees, including meals and accommodation.
Eligibility requirements: 3.5 GPA and IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 80, high grades in the last 2 years of study.

• Academic Excellence Scholarship – $24,000 a thousand dollars.
Covers 40% of the annual tuition, including meals and accommodation.
Eligibility requirements: 3.0 GPA and IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 70, high performance.

• Academic Merit Scholarship – $20,000 thousand dollars.
The scholarship covers 30% of the annual tuition, including meals and accommodation.
Eligibility requirements: 2.7 GPA and IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 70, successful learning in school.

Olga Few representative Amerigo Education:
“Parents should remember that our scholarship covers only part of the cost and depends on the academic progress of the student. Scholarships are not cumulative, but apply to all years of study subject to maintaining a high level of achievement.

How to apply?

Since the path of admission to an American school, you will need the help of qualified professionals, Amerigo Education accepts applications from all potential students via official partners in Ukraine, one of which is the educational Agency Karandash.

A professional adviser will not only help to apply, choose a school in America and to do it, but to apply to the U.S. Embassy to obtain a student visa.

To learn detailed conditions of admission and apply for scholarships on the website of the official representative of the company Amerigo in Ukraine – educational Agency Karandash.