For the period of the conflict in Syria in prisons killed more than 60 thousand people, – human rights activists

За период конфликта в Сирии в тюрьмах погибли более 60 тыс. человек, - правозащитники

In five years of conflict in Syria in government prisons killed at least 60 thousand people, reports Reuters with reference to data of the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

“At least 60 thousand prisoners were tortured or killed as a result of direct bodily torture, starvation or denial of medical care”, – stated in the message.

Observatory Director Rami Abdurrahman reported that more than 20 thousand were killed in the Sednaya prison near Damascus. The organization was able to verify the death of 14.4 thousand people, including 110 died at the age of 18.

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In the Syrian conflict involved the U.S. and Russia. Washington led international coalition carries out air strikes on Islamic state positions”, and also supports forces opposed to the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Russia provides military assistance to the Assad government.

Recall, March 14, it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Tuesday, March 15, to begin the withdrawal of most Russian military forces from Syria. Official Damascus said that this step was agreed with the Syrian leadership, and for some time previously been studied.

We will note, on February 22, the US and Russia issued a joint statement on the ceasefire in Syria, which began on Saturday, February 27, at midnight local time. The truce does not apply to terrorists of the “Islamic state”, “Front al-Nusra” and some other radical groups.

However, according to representatives of all parties to the Syrian conflict, the ceasefire was not respected. According to the Syrian monitoring center for human rights, for the first week after the entry into force of the ceasefire agreement in Syria has killed 135 people.

We will note, the Russian air force began bombing in Syria on 30 September. The composition of the aviation group consists of over 50 aircraft and helicopters, including su-24M, su-25 and su-34. Russia has been repeatedly accused of not fighting against the ISIL terrorists, as was stated, and against the Syrian opposition.