For the upper class

По высшему классу

Where in Kiev to find a truly luxury housing.

It is believed that the first elite house in Kiev appeared in the second half of the 90-ies. In reality, however, even now, one can argue that housing is positioned in the capital as an elite, really is. World requirements meet single objects.

Despite the economic difficulties that Ukraine is experiencing today, and the stagnation of the real estate market, the demand for luxury housing in Kiev is stable.

“Over the past year we noted the persistence of increased demand in the premium segment for large apartments from 200 sq. m. Clients considering apartments with at least three bedrooms, two bathrooms and dressing rooms. Priority is given to the quality of the project, location and species characteristics”, – says the managing partner of Kiev Standard Oleg pereginets.

The main reason for the permanent interest of buyers to housing prestigious, according to experts, is the steady increase in the population of the capital, and the desire of Ukrainians to protect their money. According to experts, the real estate remains the one reliable investment assets.

“A distinguishing feature of real estate in Kiev – a large, in comparison with other Ukrainian cities, the number of homes built after 2004. But the abundance of new building only introduces confusion in terms: real estate sellers present their homes as “luxury”, although it is, in fact, is not”, – told about the realities of the Moscow market of real estate realtor one of the capital’s companies.

The fact that there are quite large differences in terms of luxury real estate in Ukraine and abroad confirmed by other experts.

So, in Europe, for example, is more clearly a division into elite and ordinary areas which emerged as an elite part of the city. In Ukraine at the moment of such a strict division is not, therefore, luxury house is quite likely to be surrounded by ordinary houses. Moreover,even if the house is located in the historical part of the city, in the same building of the elite apartment can coexist with the conventional and even utilities. For comparison: at world concepts, luxury house usually involves a limited number of apartments in the house, and the social environment inherent closeness and clubnet.

There are, however, according to the Perehinets, in the world practice and examples that falls out of these standards, such as high-rise One57 in new York or One in London’s Hyde Park (which bought the apartment Rinat Akhmetov), where you can find an apartment measuring just 40 sq. m. But still these houses are inherent to the above-mentioned clubnet.

Classification in Ukrainian

Under construction house of a premium class in Ukraine can be divided into three groups, says Director of the project group Archimatika, Alexander Popov. The first group, according to him, are the objects that are subjectively related to the high class developer only on the basis of the location of the home.

“It’s more of a marketing ploy to justify the high cost of apartments in such building. Often are objects that do not differ from housing to lower price segments, neither the architecture nor the infrastructure. In this case the buyer is paying only for the location,” said the architect.

The second group includes buildings that quality characteristics close to the premium class, but rather “reach” up to the objects of the business class. Such objects, according to Popov, proving their worth not only the location but also the availability of infrastructure, which is typical for high-end facilities, comfortable living conditions. If we talk about the location, it is not only the objects on the right Bank of the capital, but also new buildings, which are located on the left Bank. While these houses have a unique view characteristics of the apartments is view of the Dnieper and the right Bank of the capital, landscaped promenade, a beach, etc. Here used more expensive building materials, attractive architecture, innovative engineering and architectural solutions.

The third group, according to Popov, include a real premium-class. Such objects have the same characteristics as the second group of objects, but has a high level of service tenants – level, 5-star hotels. This may be room service for residents, cleaning apartments, etc.

Rate the quality

Unfortunately, as already mentioned, the objects of the third group in Kiev can be counted on the fingers. But, experts hope that in the near future they will be more.

“The crisis of 2008 and subsequent years has forced developers to compete not only in price but also quality, after all, to please discerning buyers with every year more difficult,” – said the perehinets.

According to him, more customers, before starting construction, apply to a consulting company to develop a suitable concept and then order the project architects. This allows the maximum to accommodate the requirements of future tenants of luxury apartments. Some developers have also started to seek help abroad. Engage contractors with a worldwide reputation.

As an example, experts cite the American Amstar company, which sells residential complex in Pechersk Skyline. To work on your project, it attracted a whole international team.

In particular, on the creation of the appearance of Skyline worked an international team of design Studio M2R (Germany), which has a portfolio of head office L’oreal Colombia, VIP terminal London Heathrow, etc., and architecture firm JFA (USA), which developed the Golf club the Heritage Golf Club in the U.S., the boutique hotel, the Radisson Wine Resort in Georgia and other objects. Foreign engineers Thomas&Adamson conducted an operational evaluation and technical audit of the quality at each stage of the project. And for interior design 18 apartment Skyline was invited by the team of Sergey Makhno Architects ‒ 40 experienced specialists headed by Sergey Makhno within the TOP 5 designers and architects of Ukraine.

“The policy of the company Amstar is a Union of best practices and international trends in design, and attention to local traditions by bringing local professionals to implement the property. The apartments have already installed Smart home system, built-in furniture and built-in appliances AEG, as well as household items and interior design of the progressive Ukrainian manufacturers – “Rodina wood, Norma Wood, Verdi and others”, – told in the company Amstar.

The company also noted that Skyline was created with this approach to emphasize the style and status of tenants: house gated community has a total of 100 apartments, and the realization of the concept of the first high-rise buildings it forms a club-type private microclimate inside the complex.

In General, it should be noted that although the actual projects premium meet in Kiev while rare, high quality objects all of the same are gradually emerging. Indeed, developers increasingly are adopting the practice of international quality standards.

Given this, experts are sure that in a few years Ukraine will start the construction boom in European housing – in terms of quality, services and internal infrastructure. In fact, the increased competition for customers encourages developers to be more progressive.