For the year bezveza in the EU caught a 32 thousands of illegal immigrants from Ukraine

За год безвиза в ЕС поймали 32 тысячи нелегалов из Украины

After the start bezveza in the EU to 12% increase in the number of illegal immigrants from Ukraine

Last year in the EU was delayed 32 thousand workers, of which 24 thousand returned to Ukraine.

Since the introduction of a visa-free regime 11 June 2017 in the EU detained almost 32 thousand irregular migrants from Ukraine. This was told by the Executive Director of the NGO “Europe without barriers” Iryna Sushko.

“Illegal stay: as shown by the first year bezveza, the majority of Ukrainians continue to adhere to immigration law and do not constitute a threat of mass irregular migration to EU countries”, – she noted.

According to Sushko, of course, there are alarm bells that should very closely review and monitor.

“According to “FRONTEX” in 2017 was delayed nearly 32,000 irregular Ukrainian migrants. The majority of them, 24000, returned. During the year growth was 12%,” she said.

According to the state border service, the total for the year of 20 million Ukrainians traveling to the EU, 555 thousand of them committed bezveze. With 40 thousands of Ukrainians denied entry to the Schengen area.


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