For the year Ukraine has sent Russia more than 200 diplomatic notes – Betz

За год Украина направила РФ более 200 дипломатических нот, - Беца

Foreign Ministry spokesman Marian Betz

For 2016, Ukraine sent the Russian Federation more than 200 diplomatic notes, and various appeals to those or other competent authorities of the country. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” reported the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry Marian Betz.

“On the whole, perhaps, was directed this year more than 200 diplomatic notes, and various references to certain authorities in the area of the Russian Federation, for example, to the investigation Committee or the penitentiary institutions of the Russian Federation with the requirement to admit our consuls for permission to meet with our political prisoners,” she said.

However, according to Betsy, Moscow doesn’t pay much attention to the demands of Kiev regarding the release of political prisoners and access to them consuls. “In General, nothing in the behavior has not changed, but we continue to work, because the release of every political prisoner, every illegally detained the citizen of Ukraine is priority number one for us, for the leadership of the state, to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine”, – she said.

While Betz said that there are cases when the permission for admission of consuls for political prisoners is, “and do happen to meet our consuls, but it is a very difficult procedure”. For example, she called a meeting of the Ukrainian Consul with the journalist Roman Sushchenko, which took place on December 27.

“Roman is feeling well, individual complaints of conditions of detention, he has not. We are confused that we don’t have full access to the materials of the case that indeed the Roman Sushchenko is held in Russia for political reasons, and it’s totally fabricated case,” she added.

According to Betsy, while other developments in the case Sushchenko, as in the case of Stanislaus Cliche.

At the same time, Betz stressed that Ukraine supports the international community that is willing to put pressure on Moscow regarding the release of political prisoners. “Absolutely the support is there… and understand that Russia is using our citizens as hostages, in fact as a bargaining chip in achieving certain political goals,” she concluded.

As earlier reported, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that the number of political prisoners of Ukrainians in Russia has increased and is 17.