For three months, the courts confiscated from corrupt officials less than five thousand

За три месяца суды конфисковали у коррупционеров менее пяти тысяч

The courts for eight months confiscated from corrupt officials 65,7 hryvnia

During the year the government expected to return to the budget of almost five billion hryvnias, however in eight months has received less than 66 thousand.

Ukrainian courts in June-August were able to return to the state only 4 432 hryvnia seized from the accused in corruption. It is reported the project Marlin, with reference to the letter of the State Treasury service.

According to the financial documents at the end of August, the budget received 65.7 per thousand hryvnias confiscated “for corruption and related corruption offences”.

By the end of may it amounted to 61.3 thousand.

By the end of the year, the government expects to return to the budget 4,7 billion hryvnias confiscated by the courts from corruption.

At the same time for other crimes not related to corruption, during the summer and confiscated more than 31 million.

In particular, from the sale of confiscated property according to the materials of the customs authorities received 2.1 million hryvnia from the sale of confiscated property by all law enforcement agencies – 552 thousand hryvnias.

National and foreign currency according to the materials of customs authorities confiscated nearly 20.4 million UAH, and on materials of law enforcement bodies of 8.4 million.

During Jan – Aug this year for non-corrupt crime, the budget has returned to 58.8 million.



Earlier it was reported that in the river, the court remanded the position of officials dismissed for corruption.

Earlier in Odessa, the court reinstated lyustrirovannogo attorney.

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