For two years in the country, nothing has changed – ex-MP

Volodymyr Oliynyk commented on the attack in Kiev on oppositionist Vasily Volga.

The government are not in power to protect their citizens, and politician Vladimir Oleynik.

“Every thug can beat and humiliate a person. At their discretion they decide whether a person fault or not. Beat for truth and for dissent. And nothing to do with democracy in this,” – outraged former MP.

According to him, such lawlessness even in the 90’s was not.

“In the presidential election were beaten and Oleg Tsarev and Petro Symonenko, in the parliamentary – Nestor Shufrych in Odessa. A year ago, April 15, in Kiev killed our colleague Oleg Kalashnikov, the next day was shot by opposition journalist and writer Oles Elder. Today was attacked by thugs in Kiev on oppositionist Vasily Volga,” – said Oleynik.

Ex-MP, considers that such acts of intimidation are no common values with Europe, and with Asia do not have.

“Ukraine has set back its development in the middle Ages. What court, what the Prosecutor’s office? The wastebaskets already drove the enemy, and not far off the burning at the stake, or lynching,” concluded Oleynik.