For universities removed state orders for specialists

Для вузов убрали госзаказы на специалистов

The reduction of public procurement explained the decommunization.

The universities expect from the Cabinet approval of the state order this year for students. At the briefing of education and science said the Director of the Department of higher education of Ministry of education of Ukraine Oleg Sharov, reports the Country.

The state Cabinet may approve today, July 12.

It is reported that the decline in public procurement due to the fact that this year will not be set at the specialist level. Balls called it de-communization in education.

“We are moving away from the Soviet practices and move on to European, built on three levels: bachelor, master, doctor of philosophy. The state order increased by natural and agricultural specialty. And in the sphere of tourism, law and economy of the state order is reduced,” – said Balls.

It will also increase the training of subject teachers with a degree in elementary education. Among them, first of all, it is expected the state order for teachers of mathematics, Informatics, physics, English

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the number 12 has announced the admissions for the new academic year. Since morning ceased to operate the online registration system, which did not survive the influx of willing to apply on the Internet.

Ukrainian universities entered the ranking of the best in Europe