Forbes named the most expensive world brands

Forbes назвал самые дорогие мировые бренды

Google dismissed Microsoft from the second line of the rating.

American Corporation Apple has been the leader in a new ranking of most valuable global brands compiled by Forbes magazine, writes Lenta.Ru.

The brand value is estimated at 154,1 billion dollars. Apple is a leader in the industry of high-tech consumer goods, despite the drop in revenue in the last quarter.

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American Corporation Google Inc is far behind Apple, though has shown significant growth over the past year, reducing the gap.

The brand value Google edition is estimated at 82.5 billion dollars compared to 65.6 billion a year earlier. Because of this he was able to overtake Microsoft, which occupied second place in last year’s ranking.

The cost of Microsoft company, though growing, but Google managed to slip to third place with 75.2 billions of dollars.

On the fourth and fifth row turned out to be Coca-Cola, the brand value of which Forbes estimates at 58.5 billion dollars, and Facebook from 52.6 billion dollars.

Pushed the last of five leaders of the IBM Corporation and for the second year in a row is the fastest growing brand from top 100.

In the ranking of most valuable brands by Forbes also included Toyota, Disney, McDonald’s, General Electric.

In addition, Apple is among the three largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world.

As for Facebook, the net profit for the first quarter nearly tripled to $ 1.5 billion. On this news the founder and CEO of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg earned more than four billion for the first two hours of trading of the NASDAQ stock market on April 28.

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