Forecaster said the weather for the New year

Синоптик рассказала о погоде на Новый год

The weather on New year 2017 will be frosty

In the last week of 2016 will be wet, but warm.

The weather by 2017 Ukraine will be frosty – cold will begin on December 30. This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko in the air Эспрессо.TV.

And on Saturday, December 31 Sunday, January 1, in most regions of Ukraine will be a moderate cold, but no precipitation. The air temperature drops to -5…9°C.

In ukrgidromettsentr yet give a forecast for 30 December:

Синоптик рассказала о погоде на Новый год

Weather on December 30, 2016 (screenshot

In the last week of the year Didenko weatherman predicts wet but warm weather. So, today, December 26 in Ukraine, no significant precipitations, only in the Western areas there will be sleet with a transition to rain, sometimes sleet. Night temperature will be 1…6°C frost, in the afternoon from 3°to 2°below zero With the heat in the Western regions – up to 5°C of heat.

In Kiev today also no rain, the night temperature will be 2…4°C frost, in the afternoon will be around 0°C.

Tuesday, December 27, in Ukraine sometimes sleet is expected in Western and Northern areas with rain and sometimes with ice. On the roads in some places sleet. The temperature at night and day from 2°to 4°below zero With the heat in the Eastern regions at night will be 1 to 6°C below zero.

In Kiev tomorrow night will be mild and light sleet with rain. On the roads in some places sleet. The temperature at night is projected to be around 0º, in the afternoon air will get warm up to 1…3°C of heat.

We will remind that weekend for New year and Christmas in Ukraine to 2017 will not be continuous. Along with Saturdays and Sundays in January, Ukrainians will rest for 11 days.

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