Forecasters said the weather forecast in the week

Синоптики рассказали, какой будет погода на неделе

Warm weather will continue for another few days

On change to warm and Sunny days at the beginning of Easter week, the cyclone will bring periodic rain and a little cold by the end of the week.

The first half of the week in Ukraine will be warm and dry. About this on his page in Facebook said the forecaster Natalia Didenko.

In particular, on Monday, April 9, all over the country dry, Sunny and warm.

“Ukraine will continue to manage the luxury of beautiful weather. Everywhere is dry, star, moon, Sunny and warm,” – she wrote.

According to the forecast, the expected daytime temperature +15 to+23 degrees. Cooler on the coasts of the seas, to +12+15 degrees. However, a brisk night – +1+8 degrees.

She also predicted the weather for next week.

“The first half of the week will contribute to labor enthusiasm of spring – warm and dry,” writes Didenko.

But on April 13-14, she noted that a weather front will bring West to Central part and North of the periodic rains, which will reduce the daily air temperature up to +9 and+14 degrees.

However, she States that the weather data on the rain front, and the cold requires further clarification.

We will remind, on Monday, April 9, in Ukraine air temperature warms up to 17-24 degrees Celsius.


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