Forecasters said weather in February

Синоптики рассказали о погоде в феврале

Ukrainians in February, promise cold, and then a sharp warming. Completed winter thaw.

In Ukraine in February are expected frosts down to -30 degrees, snow, and thaw. This is reported by weather forecasters, writes Today on Thursday, January 24.

According to national forecaster Leonid Gorban, in February continues January’s cold and snow.

“From 1 to 4 will fall to 10 cm of snow, and 5-11 February amid clarifying night frosts will dramatically increase to -30 degrees. Then wait warming up to -8…-4 at night and -2…0 days without precipitation. Heavy snowfall collapses after Valentine’s Day: February 17-18, will drop more than 15 inches of rain, frost will gradually increase overnight to -18…-20 to -6…-8”, – he said.

However, 22 Feb Gorban promises rapid warming. According to him, February 23, the day is expected to 0 C at night to -5…-7, 24-26 February, daytime temperatures can rise to +5 degrees. But in February, winter will not end: 27 February, it will snow again and colder to -3…-5…-10 day and -12 at night. Frost and snow are expected in early March.

Leading researcher of the Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine Svetlana Boychenko also promises frosts in February. In its forecasts, severe cold will come in the end of the first decade, will last a few days, and then warmer, but a small “minus” for the window will remain the entire month.

Earlier it was reported that this winter there will be sudden changes in temperature.

Meteorologists promise the Ukrainians the warmest 30 years of the winter


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