Foreign instructors have prepared a battalion of Ukrainian Marines

Иностранные инструкторы подготовили батальон украинских десантников

Battalion air assault brigade is trained according to NATO standards

The battalion soldiers trained to NATO standards, which in particular included tactical and fire training, counter improvised mines.

One of the battalions of the 80th separate airborne assault brigade was trained to NATO standards. On Saturday, June 23, took place the closing ceremony of the educational process. This was reported on the page of the command of the DSV of the Armed forces of Ukraine in Facebook.

Classes provided a range necessary for the conduct of modern warfare items: tactical and fire training, counter improvised explosive devices, tactical medicine, and the like. The training of the battalion took place over 55 days.

Training of Ukrainian military instructors conducted the armed forces of partner countries at the International center for peacekeeping and security of the National Academy of land forces, in the Lviv region.

The group of trainers consisted of the representatives of the Armed forces of the United States, Canada, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, UK and Denmark.

The chief of the joint multinational training group for the preparation of a Colonel of the armed forces Denis dilly noted that foreign instructors were “impressed with the desire of each soldier to knowledge”.

“Ukrainian paratroopers – the elite, which shows his ability not only during the execution of tasks but also during my studies,” he said.

A combined group for the preparation of – Ukraine – is one of the elements of practical assistance to the Armed forces of Ukraine from the United States and other partner countries. The group’s activities is to prepare the APU units according to the standards and principles of NATO.

Recall that the Ukrainian military involved in NATO exercises in Poland. In the exercises involved more than 1,200 technical experts from 32 countries.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine took the last place in the international competition Europe Tank Strong Challenge in 2018.

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