Foreign Ministry: New Ambassador of Hungary has caused

МИД: Нового посла Венгрии таки вызывали

The new Hungarian Ambassador Istvan Idiarte has been invited to the foreign Ministry

The foreign Ministry called a blatant lie the statement of the foreign Ministry of Hungary about the circumstances of the invitation of the new Hungarian Ambassador.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine called the blatant lie the statement of the foreign Ministry of Hungary about the circumstances of the invitation of the new Hungarian Ambassador Istvan Idare. On Monday, November 19, Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar in Facebook.

He noted that he tried to discreetly comment on current problems, but the “diplomatic Cup of patience was filled with outright lies, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary about the recall of the Ambassador”.

Bodnar noted that “the Ambassador of Hungary has invited the foreign Ministry”.

According to the Ukrainian diplomat, the Hungarian Ambassador was invited to the MFA of Ukraine Director of the relevant Department to demarche concerning the destructive statements of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. And the fact that the pre-Ambassador himself asked for a meeting, “affects neither the contents nor the form of a demarche”.

“The Hungarian Ambassador expressed strong protest in connection with the statements Orban, marked on the inadmissibility of intervention in the internal Affairs of Ukraine, in particular, in the ongoing electoral process. The Ambassador expressed understanding for our concern. No mention of “harassment of Hungarians in Transcarpathia” was not! On the contrary, it was proposed to concentrate their efforts on practical, mutually beneficial directions,” – said Bodnar.

He also expressed regret over the fact that the new Hungarian Ambassador starts work in Ukraine, “the Kremlin’s methods of propaganda.”

“It is unfortunate that its work in Ukraine, the new Hungarian Ambassador (as well as his colleagues in Budapest) start methods of the Kremlin propaganda. We, on the other hand, perhaps start in the foreign Ministry to teach Hungarian language to the comments from Hungarian to indicate not a diplomatic word, “invited” and hard – “aroused”. If they like hard, and not a constructive style of dialogue – we will provide it quickly,” – wrote the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Hungary Tamas Menzer said that the Hungarian Ambassador in Ukraine Stephen Idart was not summoned to the Ukrainian foreign Ministry – the conversation that took place on 16 November, initiated by the Hungarian side.

The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban on 15 November said that the agreement with the government of Ukraine is impossible. As you know Hungary blocks the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO because of the provisions of the education Act that the language of education in Ukraine is the state Ukrainian language, stating that it violates the right of living in Ukraine, Hungarians in education.

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