Foreign Ministry: Russia has blocked the extension of the mandate of the OSCE mission

МИД: Россия заблокировала расширение мандата миссии ОБСЕ

The building of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine

These actions demonstrate the intention of the Kremlin to continue the supply of arms, regular troops and mercenaries on the territory of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian diplomats.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine is disappointed the next blocking by Russia of the decision on the extension of the mandate of the OSCE observer mission at two Russian checkpoints “Gukovo” and “Donetsk” on the whole section of the Russian-Ukrainian border, which is temporarily not controlled by Ukrainian authorities. This is stated in the statement of the foreign Ministry, published on Friday, January 26.

“Discussions during the 1173-th meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council on 25 January, which adopted the above decision, showed the isolation of Russia’s unwillingness to provide effective international control on the border”, – is spoken in the message.

The foreign Ministry believe that these actions demonstrate the intention of the Kremlin to continue the supply of heavy weapons, military equipment, regular troops, mercenaries to support terrorist activities on the territory of Ukraine.

“We call on Russia to strict fulfillment of undertaken obligations under the Minsk agreements, in particular the provisions of clause 4 of the Minsk Protocol of 5 September 2014 to establish control and continuous monitoring of the OSCE over the temporarily uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian state border, as well as the creation of a security zone along the border with Russia that is critical to de-escalate the situation and the peaceful settlement of the Donbass”, – said the Ukrainian diplomats.

As reported Корреспондент.net earlier the first Deputy head of the OSCE SMM Alexander hug said that the mission’s mandate expires in March this year and its renewal requires the consent of all countries members of OSCE.

Recall, the OSCE mission began its work on 21 March 2014 at the invitation of the Ukrainian side and then the decision to hold the 57 participating countries. Since the change in mandate was only on the number of observers increase.

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